Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm finally Mrs. McNulty

Ok, so I'm a total slacker on this blogging stuff since I got married!!
Oh dear...I promise not to be this way from now on.

Marriage has been wonderful! Chris and I are loving
being together all the time, never saying good bye at the end of the night,
and especially being able to be sealed as husband and wife!

So, as many have done before, I have started a new blog.
Come and read

It should be interesting :)

p.s. wedding and honeymoon pictures to come soon!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

getting married in the morning

So...I'm getting married in the morning.
I can't believe this time is here finally. It seems like it's been forever
that I've waited to call Christopher James my husband.
Tomorrow at noon, I finally can.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 more days

So much has gone on this last week, I haven't
been able to post anything!! Monday last week, my wonderful
family came to town and have been helping me with
wedding stuff left and right. It's been amazing
to have them around. 

Thursday was so fun!
 I had my bridals and boy was that awesome!!
Chris was wonderful. He was such a good sport
and we had a great time. The weather was amazing (if only I could have 
that kind of weather for the wedding day!), and Kelly from 
Gallery Photography was so much fun too. He always makes 
these moments the best. We are excited to have him for 
our wedding day ( pictures to follow)!

Friday was amazing. 
My love for this Church has grown even more
since Friday. I was able to go through the temple and I 
had so many family members there, it was such a blessing to 
see them. Most of all though, I was grateful to have my
parents and Chris there with me to be part of this. 
The temple is such an amazing place, and I want to go back as
much as I can. I can't wait for Thursday!!

I can't believe I'm getting married in 2 days...
Time has flown by SO fast it's crazy!
Chris and I have been so busy these last few days trying
to get everything done. Me getting wedding things done, and
Chris getting homework done since he'll be missing some school
while we are on our honeymoon.

2 days.
2 days.
2 days!!!

Can't wait to marry my best friend on Thursday!
Pray for good's supposed to be stormy and 
cold all day. Whatever comes though, I'll love it because I'll
be married to Christopher James McNulty for all time and eternity!!

p.s. here are some pictures from bridals :

Talk to you all after the wedding!! Next time I blog I'll be
Mrs. Paige A. McNulty...crazy!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

one week and a day

I only have a week and day left in my so called
"single" life and it's so weird!! It's crazy to think that I'm going
to be married in a little over a week from now. So crazy.
Christopher and I are so excited though. We are
tired of counting down the days!!

My family arrived on Monday, and we've been busy
getting the last minute errands done and things
finished. There's a bit of work to be done...still. Ha. I feel
like I say that every time I make a post about 
anything to do with the wedding.

It's kind of deja vu-ish to have them here. What I mean by
that is, this whole time I've been counting down with Chris until the
day that we get to be married, and it's always felt like it's forever away.
But now that it's practically here, it's a whole different feeling!

Everything will come together how it needs to though! I've got
a crafty Mom that has an eye for making things look good.
So I know that she will make the wedding look fabulous,
but most importantly, Chris and I are getting married in temple
in just over a week, and that I can't wait for!

On another note, I get to go through the temple on Friday :) 
I'm so excited I can't wait. I sure do love the temple. 

Well, there's only 8 days left until I marry the love of my life!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

love language

Last night Chris and I went to our Eternal Marriage
institute class. Oh how I love Tuesday nights with the fiance!
Each time I go to this class I learn something new
that will help me not only be a better person, but a better wife.
The lesson was on the 5 Love Languages last night.


I loved this lesson. Our teacher said that this is the favorite
class that all past students attended. We took a test and to see which
of the 5 languages we spoke. What were the results?

Chris = physical touch

Paige = physical touch / quality time

It'll be interesting to see how we work together and how
we learn to accommodate each of our love languages. Needless
to say, I love it all! I love the adventure that we're
about to embark on, and the different places we'll go and see in the
over the rest of this year. 

Usually I would be so nervous to start
all this new change (don't get me wrong, I am), but to
have Christopher James by my side, I'm not so nervous anymore.

I sure do love that boy.

some updates

Well folks, we are down to just about 2 weeks
before the big event takes place. I have been running all
over the place trying to get the numerous tasks done
that need to be done. There have been some
changes to the wedding. Some are quite sad!!

change #1

the bridesmaids skirts failed.

I am so sad!! I LOVED these skirts and we had the
unfortunate situation happen of them being too small.
I was stupid for not having my sisters try them on
before last week because now I can't get any new sizes.

Thank goodness I have a wonderful mother because as soon as
we discovered the skirts wouldn't fit, she got online and
found a cute dress that will work just fine for the bridesmaids.
We are going to accent the dresses with some yellow flats (see below),
and some yellow jewelry, which I'm still looking for.

Let me know what you think:
(we have a yellow cardigan to go with them if it looks good)

change # 2 

So the original plan was to let the bridesmaids and groomsmen
find some yellow shoes and do a type of contest out of it.
Well for some reason all the girls were struggling to find yellow shoes
that were actually cute. I was so there about a month ago while
looking for cute shoes for the wedding day...
thank you ebay for providing me with the adorable heels
that I will be strutting in on April 7th.

Well, here's another shout-out to ebay because I was able to
find adorable yellow flats in all the sizes we needed
for my bridesmaids. I may or may not have purchased some
for myself in orange and blue!

Here are the shoes:
other updates

 Things have been going well otherwise. Just busy sending out
last minute invites, trying to figure out what candy we
want for the candy bar, and putting finishing details together for the
reception center. I have some ideas that I've that I need 
to figure out if they'll work or not, but hopefully I can figure 
something out soon! I've been wedding blog stalking at work just trying
to find some other ideas to try out and there is a lot out there!
It's just how much time I have to do it all...

Basically I'm just ready...I'm ready to put my wedding dress on
and be all gussied up with my hair did and sparkly jewelry on, while
wearing my high heels. I want to feel like a real bride, not that I
don't already do, but I feel like it wont be real until I actually
have the dress on.  

I can't wait to see my flowers, and to see my cake. For the reception
center to fill up with our family and close friends. To shove cake in Christopher's
face and to dance to our song in the ballroom. To leave under a shower of
sparklers and hop into our getaway car and drive off into the night to
start our new lives together as Mr. & Mrs. McNulty.

Only 15 days until all of that happens.

cant wait.


Monday, March 21, 2011

fort night

Christopher and I are trying to think of fun, creative dates
to have these days since the weather isn't quite where
we'd like it to be, so that we can go do something outside...

This past Saturday, after the awesome BYU game (way to go boys),
Chris and I made our way to the car through the cold
rain. We bounced around a number of ideas for
what fun we could do on this rainy night.
I had the idea to have a movie a fort.

I love building forts! So we drove back to my
grandparents house and starting gathering blankets and chairs
and other items needed to build this fort of awesomeness.

It took us about a good half hour, but we finally finished our fort
and it looks awesome!! Here's a picture to prove it.

Inside I laid some blankets down for padding and some comfy pillows from
the couch for us to rest our heads on. This fort was huge! 

I popped some yummy popcorn and we snuggled up and watched
Pirates of the Caribbean...a classic! It was a great rainy
date night. Needless to say, the fort is still up and we enjoyed some
March Madness yesterday afternoon after church.

I love that my future hubby acts like a kid with me and really
enjoys things like this. I think we'll have a pretty fun life together!

p. s. only 17 days left! We've officially entered the teens...crazy!!